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S11 8YE

Surreal, beautiful limited edition illustrations, hand printed onto sustainable apparel. Independent, artist run business. Design influenced by the possibilities of the mind with an awareness that includes not excludes. Eco and ethical morals, investing in bamboo and other alternative and more sustainable fabrics which will stand the test of time. Quality over quantity every time!

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Here One will find my collection of drawings and paintings in different mediums. Drawing is the bedrock of my practice and enquiry. It is the driving force for me both practically and conceptually. I find Chinese brush painting and Zen Artworks incredibly moving. I am also influenced by ideas of Automatism which stem from the Surrealists.
I try and place myself between the two.
My work is a meditation, a spiritual practice reflecting the moment.
With my ink paintings I like to paint out in nature with minimal equipment other than a brush, ink and water.
With more automatic works I take influence from my immediate surrounding but as much influence too from my own mind and the feeling on making the mark.
The mind floats in and out of different ideas and experiences some adding to the image and some giving you time to rest.
I prefer not to use a pencil and if I do I prefer not to use a rubber. I like to keep the creation immediate and to let each stray of my mind be shown in the outcome.
When I look at comparisons on whatever level I find a may not be paying attention and the line averts from the way I was following. This is as valid a line as any made before it. It is the representation of the individual passing through. It embodies the nature of all things that they are all unique and beautiful for that fact. This has been very much forgotten in recent times.



Automatic drawings