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S11 8YE

Surreal, beautiful limited edition illustrations, hand printed onto sustainable apparel. Independent, artist run business. Design influenced by the possibilities of the mind with an awareness that includes not excludes. Eco and ethical morals, investing in bamboo and other alternative and more sustainable fabrics which will stand the test of time. Quality over quantity every time!


Wu Wei Two

The "Wu Wei Two" is comprised of; Bevin Richardson & Miles Wragg. As a painting duo the create live paintings together for events and push the boundaries of light and sound to reveal the essence within. They use each others minds to bounce off in a play of paint, guided by the influence of the surrealists they channel the abstractions of other realms and dimensions. The paintings are syphoned from the music that is heard at the time of creation, they reflect the energy of the event.



working with the WU wei two

The Wu Wei Two are available to take on Murals and for live painting at events.